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ČEZPROKA travel agency is a purely Czech private company focusing since 1994 on travel service for companies and individuals according to individual requirements.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to offer and advise on a sophisticated program abroad, in which we pay maximum attention to every detail of the trip and try to preserve the client's requirements, their privacy and comfort as much as possible. We are not limited by the difficulty of the program or the borders of our continent.

We are also happy to provide additional tourism services such as insurance, transfers, tickets, visas, car rental, guides and more.


The tour is prepared exactly according to the client's needs and requirements. It is not possible to order it as a catalog, because it is created only after consultation with interested parties. We allow you to repeat our already implemented actions. The idea is to enjoy your vacation as much as possible and without worries. We will arrange complete services on site, from airport transfers to optional excursions. Tailored holiday is mainly intended for more demanding travelers who like to spend their time off intensively and without compromise.

Also follow the trends and news from our tailored holidays on our specialized website http://dovolenanamiru.eu . Here you will find many tours that have already been successfully implemented, which we will be happy to offer and adjust according to your requirements and ideas. In addition, here we describe our offer in much more detail.


Are you looking for specialists in teambuilding? In this area, we are experts. We will prepare unique corporate events tailored specifically for you and provide teambuilding programs. You will experience something exceptional, as your work team undergoes training that makes sense. We have developed a teambuilding system of team bonds that can promote loyalty and deepen the sense of responsibility for team results. The success of a teambuilding corporate event lies in a well-structured program where employees are exposed to entirely new situations. They must then find solutions through teamwork. Let us create custom experiential educational programs for you and work as a team.

In the area of team building, we organize a whole range of activities that are comfortable, creative for you and push the boundaries of your development. When planning teambuilding, we use an interesting outdoor environment. World golf is very popular, this activity creates a completely new dimension in the field of team building.

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Air taxi is a trend of modern times that offers all the luxury you could wish for. The aircraft itself is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, providing you with the utmost comfort. Onboard the aircraft, there will only be fellow passengers of your choice. You won't have to be cramped with strangers in narrow and uncomfortable seats like on regular commercial flights. Check-in procedures are separate, so you won't have to wait in line. Additionally, there's a private bar onboard, allowing you to refresh yourself whenever you desire. If there's a change in plans and you need to alter the route during the flight, it's not a problem. Experienced pilots will plan a new course, taking you exactly where you need to be.

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Our main focus is tailor-made holidays, during which we provide all the services listed on our website throughout...

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Golf abroad

Teambuilding activities and relaxation games contribute to the creation of shared experiences and allow participants to utilize unused approaches, uncover reserves, and assist in...

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We consider an experiential vacation to be one that doesn't repeat every year and is something unique. Such a trip brings many experiences and memories...

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