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You've traveled with us for 29 years.

We consider an experience vacation to be a vacation that does not repeat itself every year and is somewhat unique. Such a trip brings many experiences and memories. Everyone should definitely have such an experience.

We mostly prepare high-altitude hikes with proven mountain guides to various corners of the world. Every year we also prepare many sports events such as F1 races, NHL playoffs or the highest football league. Nor any other misc experiences they are not new to us. We will be happy to talk with you about your requirements and prepare unique and unique experiences for you as part of a tailor-made holiday.

Baloon flight

A balloon flight is an unforgettable and romantic experience. We don't want to limit you only to flights in the Czech Republic, but we allow flights all over the world. Today's technology offers, for example, a balloon flight across the Pacific.

Climbing Mont Blanc or another peak

As the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc attracts a lot of attention. Thousands of tourists and climbers climb here every year. Thanks to us, you can be among them. We will arrange departure from any location and take you with a guide to the top and back. If you don't believe in such a high mountain right away, we will also prepare an ascent to other peaks like it Triglav or Gerlach Shield and more.

Via ferrata

Via ferratas are designed for alpine hikers or enthusiasts who are not climbers but would still like to see a peak. In our country, there are several secured routes that are more of a training nature. That's why we organize tours to Dolomit – mekky ferrat.

The descent of the river

We mainly specialize in organizing foreign river congresses with a rich accompanying program as part of a tailor-made holiday. If you wish, we can also organize a boating event on rivers in the Czech Republic.

Diving with sharks

Shark diving is an extraordinary experience for ever. Safety is important for this event, and we take 100% care of it. We only arrange diving with very experienced divers with the most modern and high-quality equipment. Cameras and cameras will be prepared to commemorate this event.

Stay on a yacht

Are you tempted by the idea of going around the entire coast of a pre-selected country and continuously swimming on the best beaches that nature has to offer? Of course, you can intersperse your stay on the ship with a stop at the port and getting to know a city. We will prepare the entire program according to your requirements. We will also arrange the entire tour with a boat and an experienced captain.


As such, kiting offers many subspecies of its industry to enjoy windy conditions. If you are interested in snowkiting, kiteboarding, landkiting or others, make an appointment with us and we will prepare this sporting experience for the whole day and with an instructor. If you are interested in kiting, which is not possible in our conditions, or if you want to enjoy a long weekend, for example, we will prepare a tailor-made trip abroad for you.

Sports event

In cooperation with agencies specializing in sports abroad, we organize tours to sports events for groups and individuals. In the past, for example, we organized a trip to Beijing for the Olympic Games. If you are interested in any kind of sport, we will prepare a tailor-made experience for you.

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