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You've traveled with us for 29 years.

Our main focus is on tailor-made holidays, within which we provide all the services listed on our website all over the world. For any season of the year, we can prepare a holiday according to your wishes. For some, a vacation is about getting to know new places. We count on that as well and have it in our offer sightseeing tours, which we implement every year.

We have no problem arranging a regular catalog holiday as we work with different agencies all over the world. We will be happy to adjust it according to your requirements - we will arrange optional trips or experiences. Another option is to follow up with a sightseeing program after a few days of rest, and you will enjoy your vacation more. If you have special holiday requirements, we are happy to accommodate you, just Contact us.


From Dublin to Moscow, Athens, beyond the Arctic Circle, our comprehensive range of European itineraries picks out the best this magnificent continent has to offer. Whether you want to choose multi-destination targeting to explore Europe, a one-way trip between two easily accessible cities, or focus more on a specific country or region, you have plenty to choose from with us. Do you want to immerse yourself in Italy's rich culture or do you want to know more about Eastern Europe? Visit the cosmopolitan cities of Germany or get to know Spain? Let's be honest - deciding where to go is half the fun! You can find the perfect European experience. Either by destination or by choosing the style of travel that is right for you.


It has been revered by travelers for centuries due to its exotic nature and the title of the most populated continent in the world. Asia is the original home to some of the world's most famous cultures and fascinating traditional societies. Asia offers its visitors an amazing world full of history, timeless mythologies and inhabitants of different natures. A large area is left for remote forests and wide expanses of unrivaled natural beauty. Life in Asia seems at a different pace in many places – from neon-drenched Tokyo to the lonely Himalayan plateaus. Take time to relax on Thailand's tranquil beaches, explore the Great Wall of China, or get lost in the colors of Mumbai. Whether it's the tropical rainforests of Borneo or the hills of Nepal, Asia is a place full of attractions.


Go on a safari with us and experience a world where nature rules. We can offer you a combination of luxury and true adventure. We work with the continent's best guides and will bring you to the heart of wild nature with unique mobile tent camps, an elegant and environmentally friendly successor to the classic African safari of Roosevelt and Hemingway. Visit an East African safari and witness the migration where hundreds of thousands of grazing animals cross the plains of Kenya and Tanzania with predators. Head to South Africa on a dugout canoe water safari through Botswana's Okavango Delta with a visit to Zimbabwe's mighty Victoria Falls.


There are thousands of great Australian experiences to choose from. Our Aussie specialist Event Manager has experienced and implemented many tours. Experts in Australia, our Aussie specialists who have traveled all over Australia have the experience to help you plan and experience your adventure. We know what to pack for the trip, what the weather will be like, and how to connect with the locals. If you've been meaning to head out on Sydney Harbour, feel the warmth of the Australian outback or dive the Great Barrier Reef, get in touch and you'll soon be enjoying your own experience.


Some imagine big and busy cities full of shops, others beautiful beaches and nature that you won't find anywhere else. America extends into all climate zones. So it offers something for everyone. Quality skiing for winter sports lovers, tropical swimming all year round for vacationers, and diverse cities and sights for explorers. Many people go shopping from the Czech Republic simply because it is cheaper there. We recommend setting aside more free time and combining all the mentioned activities together.

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