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Our travel agency specializes in thematic stays for businesses, institutions, companies or interest groups to destinations all over the world. In cooperation with our foreign partners, we will be happy to provide you with a professional program, lectures, seminars, excursions and other specific services according to your requirements. We would like to pay attention to every detail of your trip, our main goal is your maximum satisfaction and comfort.

Our goal is to offer clients an individual journey with an individual program. Our product is not a catalog trip. We create your trip with you, so you can set a date, when and which places you want to see. So you are not affected by worries and unpleasant experiences with group tours. We would like to protect you from the negatives of group catalog tours. It is not necessary to adapt every time to the date, time, needs and requirements of the other members of the group with whom you share the journey, which almost always brings some unpleasant problem. You should enjoy traveling and not spend half the time on unnecessary things. With us you have the opportunity to spend the trip according to your specific requirements, we offer you much more "music" for a little more money.


The tour is prepared exactly according to the client's needs and requirements. It is not possible to order it as a catalog, because it is created only after consultation with interested parties. We allow you to repeat our already implemented actions. The idea is to enjoy your vacation as much as possible and without worries. We will arrange complete services on site, from airport transfers to optional excursions. Tailored holiday is mainly intended for more demanding travelers who like to spend their time off intensively and without compromise.

Also follow the trends and news from our tailored holidays on our specialized website http://dovolenanamiru.eu . Here you will find many tours that have already been successfully implemented, which we will be happy to offer and adjust according to your requirements and ideas. In addition, here we describe our offer in much more detail.

Offer of incentive actions:

Wine gastronomic tour

for wine, delicacies and truffles to Italy (focus on agritourism, visits to wine cellars, cheese and wine tastings).

  • suitable period: March – May, September – October


"Drifting" on the circuit in Monza

experience the adrenaline of driving GT vehicles (Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari F430). "Drifting" is a free style behind the wheel, good fun and the ability to control a real sports car. This activity is fun and interesting not only for the drivers, but also for the spectators - there is a lot to watch.

  • suitable date: April - June


Adrenaline and the smell of petrol at F1

a Formula 1 race on one of the European circuits, e.g. San Marino, Monte Carlo, Mondsee...

  • suitable term: year-round


For the Statue of Liberty to New York

enjoy a game of the world-famous NHL in New York, America, along with a city tour and shopping

  • suitable date: January - April


Get to know America through baseball

combining a visit to one of the unforgettable big cities with the American national sport – baseball

  • suitable period: October - June


Under the sun in Sicily

beautiful landscape, beautiful beaches, excellent wines, ancient monuments. All this without the mafia and La Cosa Nostra offers a long weekend on this beautiful island.

  • suitable date: May - October


Čardás, goulash and Tokajka

a long weekend in a Hungarian spa combined with a relaxation program.

  • suitable date: all year round, we recommend April - October



the most beautiful of Dutch cities. None of the visitors should miss the famous Amsterdam markets, be it flower, cheese, art or even flea markets.

  • suitable date: April - October

Luxury sports car rental offer

Now you too can fulfill your dream and become the driver of your dream car, at least for a while. We offer car rental of prestigious brands Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi and others. Get to know Europe in a new way and become the master of the roads from Tuscany, through the Cote d'Azur, Switzerland to the Czech Republic and other interesting places.