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Private air transport

Luxury within reach

Air taxi is a trend of modern times that offers all the luxury you could wish for. The aircraft itself is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, providing you with the utmost comfort. Onboard the aircraft, there will only be fellow passengers of your choice. You won't have to be cramped with strangers in narrow and uncomfortable seats like on regular commercial flights. Check-in procedures are separate, so you won't have to wait in line. Additionally, there's a private bar onboard, allowing you to refresh yourself whenever you desire. If there's a change in plans and you need to alter the route during the flight, it's not a problem. Experienced pilots will plan a new course, taking you exactly where you need to be.

Don't wait, fly!

A great advantage is that you don't wait for the airplane; the airplane waits for you. Air taxi allows flights in all seasons, at any time. If you needed to be at a meeting, but all tickets for the given date are sold out or there is no scheduled connection to your destination, air taxi allows you to set your own flight schedule according to your needs. Moreover, it is much faster and more comfortable than traveling by car. You don't even have to wait for latecomers; once you board the plane, you're off.

From anywhere to anywhere.

The advantage of air taxi is that due to the smaller size of the aircraft, it can land at most airports. You can even choose smaller airports where regular commercial planes cannot land, bringing you much closer to your final destination. This saves you time and money for additional travel from the airport.

In Europe

Air taxi flies throughout Europe without the need for layovers. The flight is, therefore, fast and uninterrupted.


In Asia

For more distant countries, it is necessary to consider refueling. We recommend combining layovers with swimming or exploring new places.


In America

Private planes cannot reach America without layovers due to insufficient fuel tank capacity. With several refuelings, we can fly even across the Atlantic Ocean.

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